ALGORITHM of the Referral system

1. Registration of an account in the QUADRATE Ecosystem and creating your own Address
2. Copying the Referral link on your Address page (Referral link - Copy button)
3. Distribution of the Referral link on the Internet
4. Tracking the appearance of Referrals on your Address page (Referrals string)
5. Receiving 5% in TOK from the amount of ETC that your Referrals exchanged for TOK (Reward string)
6. Accumulation of premium TOK in the Referral system (Reward string)
7. Withdrawing TOK from the Referral system (Get button) to the balance of your Address (Tokens string)
8. Independent organization of the appearance of 1ETC on the balance of your Address (Ethereum string)
9. Sending at least 20 TOK to the Contract to create a Deposit (Send button)
10. Tracking the accrual of Royalty on the amount of the Deposit (the upper numeric line on the page of your Address)
11. Withdrawal of Royalty (ETC) by sending 1TOK (Send button)