The QUADRATE Ecosystem and Training

Releases of the QUADRATE Ecosystem allow you to gain knowledge and experience in conducting operations with Cryptocurrency and Tokens, experience in using resources that organize "digital" interaction, experience in analyzing your actions, changing states and manifestation of the consequences of situations on which an increase or decrease in digital assets depends, as in quantitative measurement and value. Currently, traditional money is being replaced with digital money, which will be replaced by State and private cryptocurrencies, so the experience of using the QUADRATE Ecosystem will not be superfluous, in any case. The creation of an Address in the QUADRATE Ecosystem does not cause difficulties and does not require any expenses. The appearance of a sufficient number of Tokens on the balance of the Address requires the next step - the creation of a Deposit. Embedding the QUADRATE Ecosystem and the NEC2020 Concept into the Buyer-Seller relationship is the next step in using the Ecosystem. The use of the QUADRATE Ecosystem Referral System is another stage of involvement in the "digital world" and its recognition.

This text is a transition to one of the QUADRATE Ecosystem Releases. Use of the QUADRATE Ecosystem requires reading the Rules and User's Guide published on the sites: