The QUADRATE Ecosystem and the Concept of NEC2020

The appearance of the QUADRATE Ecosystem and its creation in the version offered to users was preceded by the acquaintance and understanding of the economic Concept "New Economy of Consumption". The QUADRATE Ecosystem is one of the implementations of the ideology of the NEC2020 Concept. Releases of the QUADRATE Ecosystem, in the terminology of the Concept, act as Investment Operators, Deposit is an Investment Account, Royalty is an Investment Income, Tokens sent to create and replenish a Deposit are Investment Resources. The tokens that the Buyer receives to the balance of his Address (Investment account) from the Sellers of goods and services are defined as Investment deductions. Thus, the QUADRATE Ecosystem fits correctly into the ideology of NEC2020, is defined as its implementation and allows achieving the goals that are outlined in the Concept "New Economy of Consumption". The NEC2020 concept is published on the sites:


This text is a transition to one of the QUADRATE Ecosystem Releases. Use of the QUADRATE Ecosystem requires reading the Rules and User's Guide published on the sites: