How to display Royalties

Withdrawal of Royalty from the balance of the Contract to the balance of the Address occurs by sending one Token to the Contract using the SEND button. Receipt of a Single Token to the balance of the Contract from the Address ensures that the corresponding amount of ETC is deducted from the balance of the Contract and credited to the balance of the Address, which was displayed in the Royal line at the time of the transaction. After writing off the Royalties and replenishing the balance of the ETC Address as a result of the receipt of the Royalties amount, the accrual and display of the Royalties starts from zero in the same absolute amount that was before the write-off. That is, the write-off of the Royalties does not in any way affect the amount of charges for the size of the Deposit of this Address. Reloading the Addresses page, gives the actual Royalty value at the given time. An increase in the size of the Deposit by sending the next Package of Tokens gives an increase in the accrual of Royalties in the value calculated for each Release. Royalties will be accrued within 25 months from the date of creation of the Deposit, namely until the 25th date indicated on the Addresses page in the corresponding line, or until the end of the Inccycle-C. More details about Royalty in the QUADRATE Ecosystem User Guide.

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