How to create an Address

Creating an Address on the ETHEREUM CLASSIC blockchain using the QUADRATE Ecosystem Release website is implemented in the following sequence. When you are in your account on the ADDRESS page, you should use the "+" (plus) button to open a page with Forms for Creating and Adding an Address. The Address Creation Form is at the bottom and consists of one field in which you should enter the Name of the future Address and press the CREATE ADDRESS button. The created Address can be used in both Releases; if you are in each of them, the same number of ETC and the corresponding number of Tokens of this Release will be displayed on the Address's balance. Details on creating and adding an Address can be found in the QUADRATE Ecosystem User Guide.

This text is a transition to one of the QUADRATE Ecosystem Releases. Use of the QUADRATE Ecosystem requires reading the Rules and User's Guide published on the sites: